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Have you been battling your weight and become desperate to keep those extra pounds from increasing? Have you been looking online and offline for solid weight loss tips?

Insert image from builder with Apple and tape measure Possibly you already have subscribed to hundreds of newsletters that give you weight loss tips. So your email box is filled with tips everyday that promise you a size 27 waist in a week.

But the fact is most weight loss tips may not really work for you.... You are unique as every other person in this world and thus you require the solution that is unique as your needs.
Your Weight Loss program should be customized completely after your eating and lifestyle habits.

Also I am a huge BELIEVER in this KEY ingredient in ANY weight loss program: DETERMINATION! No program can provide you with this ingredient. It is wholly dependent on you to pull this out from within yourself. Data has shown this is one of the reasons why most weight loss programs fail for most.

Counting Calories
  • An effective weight loss program will start off by calculating the number of calories that you take in.

  • The big tip is to then reduce this caloric intake by minimum of 500 every day.

  • At times this isn't easy especially when you are just starting your weight loss regiment

  • However consistent behavior of sticking to your weight loss program you will start losing the weight.

My advice is don't deprive yourself. If you are staying hungry and feeling lethargic with your weight loss program then it may not be the right one for you. There are many ways to lose weight without depriving yourself of nutrition and food. It truly matters on what you eat and when you eat than how much! Please email me at Julie@pacificislandfitness.com and let me know your issues and I will advise you. Don't let the holiday pounds continue to build up through the year. Stop them dead in their tracks now so by the summer you will be fit and fabulous in your bathing suit.

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